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At Rainbow Of Love we understand that you want to be certain you have made the best choice for your child. At Rainbow Of Love, we create a joyful, warm and safe environment for your child.
Parents should discuss questions, concerns or problems with the Teacher or Director. Teachers will call to parent's attention any special needs, should they arise.
Parent-Teacher-Director conferences will be held only when requested by a parent or teacher.
Close cooperation with parents and their knowledge of the program is essential to an effective preschool. A monthly newsletter is sent home with your child.
Teachers send a monthly class newsletter home with the child to help you reinforce what is being taught at school.
Parents are asked to volunteer their time and special talents (puppetry, art work, fund-raising, etc.) to make the relationship among parents, child and school most worthwhile.
We welcome brief visits from parents during the year, but request that appointments be made in advance.
There are "no" bad children at Rainbow Of Love; "bad" is not in our vocabulary. The child is making wrong choices. We try to help the child see other choices that could have been made.
FIRST: We warn the child of unacceptable behavior.
SECOND: Child sits in time out in classroom.
THIRD: Teacher brings child to Rainbow office.
FOURTH: If the problem persists, the parent may be called.
A nutritional snack is provided by Rainbow Of Love each day consisting of fruit, crackers, peanut butter, etc. Please inform the teacher of any allergies your child may have.
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